About Gary and Wine

I have been in the food and wine industry for almost 30 years.  Some people call me an expert. I call myself a guide.  I have been a chef and am a certified Sommelier (restaurant wine guy).  I know food and wine.

I want to make wine simple.  Look at my reviews and you will see that I understand your busy lifestyle.  I will tell you what I taste in the wine and 2 recipes that pair well

There are 4 things every person needs to know about any wine:

  • You like it
  • You don’t like it
  • Would I pay that much for it
  • Everyone is right

There are 3 criteria for wines that Gary and Wine will review:

  • Reasonably priced (between $7 and $20ish)
  • Nationally distributed in major grocery chains
  • Enough produced that the wine can be found

Drink, Enjoy, Have Fun!


One thought on “About Gary and Wine

  1. I’m impressed. Your mission and your goal would act as a supplement to people who are uninformed about wine. Your area of interest(grocery store wine) is untouched and it might prove helpful to a significant population. More power to you, Gary

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